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The worst thing that can happen to a rescue organisation like us is to not being able to rescue... And unfortunately we are at that stage now! We have been trying to save as much as we can, when we get a call, a message, an email or see a social media post about a dog or a cat in need we always try our best to reach out and help BUT NOT ANYMORE. Unfortunately first Covid then the economic situation in Turkey hit us so hard that we started cumulating debts to our clinic. Since we have already 70+ animals under our care, the vaccinations, treatments, tests, paperwork never end not to mention boarding, food and transfer costs. Adoption fees and donations so far help us barely make the end of the month but doesn't leave any room for new rescues till we pay our outstanding invoices. it is a very sad situation we are in because we get the calls every day about a dog or a cat who need help but we have to say no:(

We started a new GO FUND ME CAMPAIGN by hoping to collect the money we need to pay the clinic debts. Here is the link below. We really appreciate if you can donate, share, spread the work among your network so with your help WE CAN START TO RESCUE AGAIN...

Thank yo in advance dear PIT friends for your support!

Sibel Akin


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