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Dear PIT Family,

Another difficult, challenging yet rewarding year came to an end for us! We started 2023 with so many new rescues and enormous amount of clinic debt. Through out the year we managed with your help and support to clear out some but with every new rescue we cumulated more debts again so we are entering 2024 yet again with some enormous debt...

On the positive side, we rescued 85 dogs and 7 cats in addition to the ones we had under our care this year. We have done 55 spaying / neutering operations and 8 more are scheduled for new year. We provided more than 500 vaccinations to our dogs and cats.

We managed to sent 93 dogs and 3 cats out of Turkey to Europe and US to start a new life...

We still have 6 dogs and 2 cats adopted and waiting to go home in 2024.

Every dog adopted or fostered means we can rescue another one who is living in misery or waiting to die...

So we thank all the adoptive parents, flight volunteers and foster families for their trust and support.

The biggest surprise of the year was our reward! We have no idea who nominated us for the International Rescue of the Year category at the ASA Awards in UK but we are so honoured to be selected as the Winner!

This is a great motivation for our team and also a huge confirmation that we are doing things right and we have to keep going no matter how difficult the task may become sometimes!

So thank you everyone involved, we really appreciate to be seen...

In November we had another surprise - one of our rescued female dogs Bonita whom we were told was spayed, turned out to be pregnant and gave birth to 10 mix, big breed black puppies! Not a great combination to find adopters unfortunately...

So one of our biggest challenge of 2024 will be taking care of and finding families for these ones.

Sadly we did put all other rescue efforts on halt till we have sponsors for each puppy...

In terms of finances, we spent roughly;

EURO 50'000.- on clinic expenses from which still 20'000 is outstanding

EURO 20'000.- on dog and cat food

EURO 25'000.- on boarding houses

EURO 20'000.- on operational costs such as pet transfers, certificates and salaries

As we enter 2024, our biggest wishes are more donations and more adoptions so we can keep rescuing more and providing forever homes to more needy dogs and cats...

We THANK YOU ALL for your ongoing support and wish you




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