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In February 2023 a powerful earthquake hit the Southeast of Turkey, so many lives were lost and many people became homeless... In a tragedy like this magnitude it is inevitable to see so many house pets also suffering and Dora was one of them... Her family survived but lost their home and they were not very fond of her anyway,

probably using her for breeding so they decided to abandon her... Here is the whole story of Dora becoming Floyd from her new mom Trish:)


"Hello world. In case you missed it, I’d like to formally introduce you to Floyd (formerly Dora). I met Floyd working with @wckitchen in Turkey for the recent earthquake relief efforts. I was walking through a camp of displaced people in Antakya and found her tied to a pole, barking like mad. I later learned she had been kept as a breeder dog along with 2 other dogs in a small flat that had been destroyed. Her owners had taken the 2 dogs with them to another city, but left her to fend for herself. She was in heat. Judging by her fear of men and reactivity, she hadn’t been treated very kindly and had suffered a great deal of trauma. I offered somebody at the camp payment in exchange for her, but they declined and told me to just take her someplace better. I kept her with me at my camp for 2 weeks until @petsinturkey graciously picked her up to start the months-long process to get her ready to fly to Berlin. Fast-forward 3 months of intense daily cuddling, obedience training & a grumpy older sister and Floyd has completely come out of her shell. She’s the goofiest, softest, most loving, curious & cheeky little monster who captures the hearts of all whom she meets. She is a pure example of how love and patience can overcome trauma. So, I have officially failed as a foster mom. Welcome to the family Floyd. I love you.💙"

FLOYD is chosen to be the cover of our Desk Calendar 2024 cover!

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