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Our mission

We are a group of animal and nature loving people living in Switzerland with close ties to Turkey. Our mission is to help all breeds of cats and dogs in Turkey that are regularly being abandoned in large numbers.

There is an alarming problem of strays in Turkey. Pet shops are allowed to sell pets as if they are stuffed animals to ill informed buyers who later feel overwhelmed by the responsibility and abandon these innocent lives to unsanitary shelters, the streets or into the wild forests.

Due to the ignorance of their owners, these poor dogs and cats are suffering in the streets. There are literally thousands of breeds roaming the streets awaiting for a loving family to take them in.

Although the laws clearly state that the local municipalities are responsible for neutering and caring for strays the reality is far from it. Instead they are left sick, hungry and thirsty in awful living conditions in shelters that are sub standard; basically they are left for dead.

Unfortunately, animal protection laws are not on the side of animals. The torture of animals is not a criminal offense and is only imposed by a fine. Because of this, stray dogs and cats are subjected to all kinds of inhumane and indescribable acts of torture by sick humans who get a kick out seeing living souls suffer.


For several years we have been working tirelessly to help stop the suffering of these once beloved pets either by finding their forever homes or by feeding them or by supporting their health care needs. Since 2014 we have been supporting CESAL, a highly regarded and well trusted organization in Izmir by not only donating time and money but also by becoming active members on its board. Now we believe we have come to the point to spread our message throughout Europe by setting up an organization in Switzerland in order to make adoption of strays easier. Therefore in the beginning of 2017 we have started a Swiss based organization, PETS IN TURKEY.

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