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How it works

You can adopt a cat or a dog from Turkey if you live in Europe but there are strict rules. Turkey is a rabies risk country and each country in Europe has their own pet importation rules so you need to check those before considering. However, there are some general requirements for EU and Switzerland which are the rabies vaccination, blood test and the quarantine period of 3 months after the blood test.


Our organization works on rescuing and finding homes for a limited number of cats and dogs in Europe. After the rescue and clinic treatments, the quarantine period is around 3-4 months, during this time we take care of blood tests, micro chipping, documentation and the socialization of the animal. Once the quarantine is completed then you will be able to pick up your cat / dog. Any pets over 7 Kg are placed in a crate in a special section of the cargo on the plane.

If you decide to save a life from a shelter or from the streets and give them a second chance we will help you in every possible way. 

Adoption forms


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Adoption forms


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