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"Our Experience with Pets in Turkey"

This post is done by Audrey and Adreas who live in Berlin and they recently adopted Moxie from us. We thank them for sharing their experience during the adoption process...

"If we had to summarise our experience in one word, it would be: “smooth”.

Here is our story of how we adopted Moxie from Pets In Turkey.

When my partner and I moved to Berlin after living in a couple of different countries, we knew it was finally the right moment to get our first dog.

I was checking local shelters ads until a friend told me about Pets in Turkey. The same week I saw their Instagram post about Moxie (ex-Mona). We instantly knew she was the one!

I contacted them to express our interest and got a reply within a day and a video call was scheduled. Meanwhile we filled in a questionnaire about ourselves and the type of life and environment we could give a dog.

During that call I met Sibel, who was our contact during the entire process. She asked me more questions to make sure we were really the right family fit for this dog and told me everything about Moxie’s story, how she had been abandoned in a box in the middle of the street to die when she was only a few weeks old, and how after being found she was now fostered in Cesme with a few more rescues.

I had so many questions too! What was her temper like, what did she eat and how much, how was she with other dogs, cats, would she be ok in our small flat, etc…. Sibel patiently and kindly answered every single one of them.

We also had to send a video of our home, again just to triple check that the dog would be living in a descent environment.

Every one of those steps made us trust Pets In Turkey even more, as it was obvious that they focused entirely on the wellbeing of the dogs and cats and not just trying to give any animal to anyone.

We then had to wait a few days, during which the adoption committee would review everything we had shared with them. We were SO happy when we received an answer telling us we had the green light!!!

We were given the choice to go to Cesme and pick her up ourselves or ask for a volunteer to fly her to Berlin. We chose to go there to meet her and get to know each other a bit before embarking her on this new adventure.

Sibel had organised a transfer from the airport to Cesme, and a lovely lady was waiting for us at the exit of the plane. Everything was just so easy!

We spent a few days in Cesme, a place full of nice people, great food, colourful vegetation, dream beaches, really worth discovering! Sadly we also saw how many dogs and cats were roaming the streets hoping to find food and a little bit of attention. We were even more grateful that Moxie had been saved.

When we met Moxie, it was love at first sight! She was the sweetest! Although all dogs we met in her foster home were also so cute - we had to resist bringing them all back :)

Moxie had been vaccinated, spayed and was in great health. Sibel helped with all the paper work, explained what we would need when, which ones we would have to show at the airport, and what to do next when arriving in Germany.

The trip back to the airport with the dog was also organised by Pets in Turkey, with a company specialised in animal transport. The person bringing us to the airport helped us with the dog check-in and everything was there again very smooth.

We flew home, and after just a day or two Moxie was the happiest pup on Earth! We are really grateful Pets In Turkey saved her and supported us so much during the entire adoption process."

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