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Our dogs' sanctuary needs your help

One of our problems with the rescue and the adoption is that we need to keep our dogs and cats for at least 4 months in order to prepare them for international adoption. Since we are against keeping them in cages, we need proper care homes where we can keep them in security. Although we have some care homes that we have been working closely for years, their places are limited and the rescue never ends... So we decided to build our own place for big breeds and rented a property last October.

After 4 months of hard work, we managed to fence the area, put mobile units for the dogs to take shelter at night and build a mobile home for the caretaker. We also added a storage unit and a security gate. We were able to do all these with the donations of our followers, members and furry parents (Pets in Turkey and Raise Your Paw both) We thank all for supporting us either through our GFM page or direct donations. However we still have so many outstanding bills to pay and also more to do on site....

We need help to add a quarantine part for sick dogs, another separation for maybe elderly ones and some various infrastructure to make the place a more pleasant one for our dogs as well hire a second care taker in order to provide the best care we can.

We believe that with your precious help we can make this sanctuary a much better one that our dogs truly deserve. Please visit our donation page today to see the different options...

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