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Paint to Rescue!

Izim Cetindag is a painter, she lives in Geneva with her family and she is one of our members. She recently came up with this beautiful idea of painting the dogs and cats to support our operations in Turkey. Izim knows that, especially during the pandemic, we are having hard time to collects donations, it has been more than a year that we cannot organize any fundraising activity, adoptions are slow and there are so many dogs and cats under our care... It was very thoughtful of her to offer her time and talent to paint the dogs at an affordable price and donate more than half to Pets in Turkey and Raise Your Paw

Since the announcement of the project, she has been very busy:) Dog and cat parents loves the idea! Some are even ordering as a birthday present... We also provide a sponsorship certificate along with the painting, write the name of the animal that the money will be use and if someone wish we can also send news and updates about the sponsored dog or cat later on. It makes a great purposeful gift...

Ordering is quite simple - contact Izim send a nice photo of your dog or cat that you would like to be painted, Izim will tell you the timing and also the delivery options.

We hope that you join to the other happy dog/cat parents soon and have your loved one's painting on the wall:)

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