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The story of Scali

She was a 3 months old puppy when she was abandoned by the road wrapped in a blanket. The rescue workers spotted her by miracle, by then she was to weak even to respond because she was so sick with distemper...

Up till now it is a very common story of a stray or abandoned puppy in Turkey, they are usually dumped somewhere in the field or worst in the horrible shelters then get the viruses and die in agony. Nobody, expect a few rescue workers, really care... It is a huge myth that the strays are well taken care of on the streets! There are very few areas and neighbourhoods where the residents are more conscious and they give the leftovers to stray dogs and cats BUT what happens when they are sick, need parasite treatments, so weak to fight with the stronger ones? Nobody wants to spend any time and money for these poor souls and they usually perish in silence... Except this time Scali was really lucky:)

She was rescued, taken to a clinic then we were informed, we transferred her to our clinic in Izmir and she had to stay there for two months. There were days we though she wasn't going to make it but she did put up a big fight and she survived this horrible disease!

During the time at the clinic Scali stole everybody's heart:) She was a sweet girl who was good with everybody and never complained. So it was not hard for her to find a home as well. Nina from Switzerland saw her photos and she immediately applied for adoption, we told her that she was sick and yet we didn't know if she was going to make it but she didn't care! She became her sponsor as well so we were able to cover her clinic expenses much easily...

Then it was time to be released from the clinic which was another challenge for us because usually the dog would still be spreading the deadly virus so she should be separated from other dogs... Lucky we had one care home with no other dogs at the moment. So she spent two months there before getting spayed and transferred to Urla in order to get socialised with other dogs before flying home.

And last week her parents Nina and Manuel came from Zurich to Izmir, stayed in Cesme with her to get to know each other and also to have a little vacation by the sea:) As usual we organised all the paperwork and helped them with all the details till last minute. And last Friday Scali flew home to start her new life leaving all those bad memories behind...

Once you give them a chance they give you a whole new world back just


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