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Dear PIT Friend,

Year 2022 has been yet another challenging but rewarding period, whilst we were all trying to recover from covid. The achievements made by Pets in Turkey demonstrate how the support and funding of people like you has made a lasting difference in abandoned dogs and cats in Turkey. And yet, we all know there is still so much work to be done.

Thanks to all of you; we were able to increase our adoption rate by 30 % compared to 2021, however we remain below our target goal of 100 pets adoption per year. And our total expenses are still way above our donations.

Please see below the recapitulation of our work since 2017:

We are a group of animal lovers committed by our souls to dedicate all our available efforts in maximising rescuing and rehoming abandoned dogs and cats in Turkey. With this letter, we would like to take the opportunity to thank each of you for your kind and generous support and invite you all to join Pets in Turkey Members group. Your yearly membership donations will go directly to support our programs in rescuing, vaccinating, spay & neutering, treating sick ones and finding new homes in Europe.

Here is what you can do to support us:

· Become a member

· Join our team as an active volunteer

· Sponsor a pet

· Adopt One

· Become a foster

· Share our adds on social media / spread the word among your networks

· Donate

Last by not least you can support us by purchasing one of our 2023 year-end wall and/or desktop calendars which features as always some of our adopted pets

We wish you all A HAPPY NEW YEAR and thank you in advance for your ongoing support. Together we can continue saving lives in this new year…

Sibel Akin


To contribute:

SFR account:

Post Finance

IBAN: CH6809000000148597587

Pets in Turkey Aniéres / Switzerland

Euro account:

Post Finance

IBAN: CH96 0900 0000 9198 9995 5

Pets in Turkey Aniéres / Switzerland

PayPal -

Twint - Pets in Turkey

For monthly contributions:

For more information please kindly contact:

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