There is an alarming problem of strays in Turkey. Pet shops are allowed to sell pets as if they are stuffed animals to ill informed buyers who later feel overwhelmed by the responsibility and abandon these innocent lives to unsanitary shelters, the streets or into the wild forests. There are literally thousands of breeds roaming the streets awaiting for a loving family to take them in.

Our association PETS IN TURKEY helps all breeds of abandoned dogs in Turkey. We work tirelessly to help stop the suffering of these once beloved pets by finding their forever homes in Europe. But we need all the HELP we can get to support our furry friends.

There are strict rules to bring a dog from Turkey to Europe, the dogs has to have its vaccinations and also the blood test against rabbies as well as a 3 month waiting period is required. This for us means lots of effort and money, after saving a dog and taking care of veterinary needs, we need to do the vaccinations, start the international documentation process and find a place for the dog to stay safely and similar to a home environment for 3 months. All this costs money! On average we spend 150 euro/per dog a month and we have usually around 30 rescued dogs looking for a home.

It would make a great difference for us if you were to contribute monthly even a small amount of 25/50/75 euros

Together we can make a BIG difference and touch so many lives…

Donation-Link: http://www.petsinturkey.org/donation/