The chronic issue in Turkey – abandoned dogs and cats on the streets

In this country, all around the streets, shelters, forests and even in trash bins there are millions of abandoned cats and dogs who are fighting for their lives.  Unfortunately, the majority of the citizens have ignorantly become accustomed to this scenery. Meanwhile, pet shops continue to sell live animals- without any regulation – as the government is unable and unwilling to find a civilized and sustainable solution while the problem is continuing to cultivate. We are defending that all animals have the right to exist.  And we believe that the bottom line for this issue is the lack of education and the inadequacy of prevention such as neutering / spaying.

Why are there so many homeless pets on the streets?

  • The blood trade of pet shops
  • The ignorant people who continue to pay to buy dogs and cats
  • Insufficient laws and municipalities and government who do not resolve the issues or use control mechanisms for preventions

What can we do?

  • Pet shop animal sales need to be outlawed. There needs to be a STOP to this unlawful blood trade. At the moment, there is a bill, which the lower parliament has passed and as of 2016 live animal sales will be banned from pet shops. However this law still needs to pass through the parliament.
  • Education- the public needs to be informed about inhumane conditions of the animals, which are bought from pet shops, and the consequences of abandoning pets. Children need to be educated in learning how to empathize with pets and be able to protect them in order to become responsible citizens.
  • Neutering / Spaying – Local municipalities need to implement the laws by neutering/ spaying all stray cats and dogs.
  • Shelters need to be converted into civilized rehabilitation and adoption centers.
  • All cat and dog owners need to mandatory training
  • All pets need to be chipped and tagged in order to register their owners/

We want an end to this dilemma and for this reason we are trying to give solutions to the problems.  Our work is always in this path.  We are working on common goals with the municipality and in education the children. Those of you who are living outside of Turkey can support our work and help these lives to maintain a peaceful existence.